Bathroom interior – Private


This is a private bathroom I planned  and designed, it has strong influences from the  Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo. The linear grids are a foundation of its platform, calm and warm colouring is another. It has two modes, day and night. For the day, there is warm halogen down lights and for the night more cool LED light, both dimmable to create the mood of preferation.

There is also this contrast between colours. With a dark commode in Wenge wich is tailor made. The countertop and floor made of cream white limestone, walls covered with light beige Bric-stone and all mixers by Vola. It is also very optimized due to the size, there is a lot of storage behind the mirrors and in the drawers.

When I enter this bathroom it’s a bit o escapism, a morning with it’s freshening ups and nights with it’s prepares are just perfect. It’s is elegant, warm and functional.

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Mr Regnér

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