Geometric patterns, navy and walking in grey


I know it’s hard and always balancing on the edge of being ultra cool or just weird. I’m talking about patterns, geometric in particular since I have a soft spot for these. Even to me it’s hard to find patterns that I really like, even though it’s a bit bold I still like it to be timeless. Not some trendy-and-perfect-at-the-moment.

Yves Saint Laurent has been quite successful in creating beautiful patterns, Marni also gets it right from time to time and now Raf Simons, a bit unexpected I must admit. On film, one will usually see these kinds of patterns on the smart bad guys.

I prefer to combine these patterns with some matching plain colors, but that is of course just my opinion.


> Visit Saint Laurent Paris (YSL)

> Visit Raf Simons

Mr Regnér

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