Monkey side table – Jaime Hayon for Bd Barcelona


I think this is a perfect example of aesthetic and creativity joined together. It can do as sculpture, table, design object or all.

Funny, streamlined and yet very beautiful. Some of Jaime’s best designs have been in collaboration with Bd Barcelona. The stripes, its silhouette, the cross-eyed, scratching its head gesture and concrete material all details in a great combination.

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Bathroom interior – Private


This is a private bathroom I planned  and designed, it has strong influences from the  Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo. The linear grids are a foundation of its platform, calm and warm colouring is another. It has two modes, day and night. For the day, there is warm halogen down lights and for the night more cool LED light, both dimmable to create the mood of preferation.

There is also this contrast between colours. With a dark commode in Wenge wich is tailor made. The countertop and floor made of cream white limestone, walls covered with light beige Bric-stone and all mixers by Vola. It is also very optimized due to the size, there is a lot of storage behind the mirrors and in the drawers.

When I enter this bathroom it’s a bit o escapism, a morning with it’s freshening ups and nights with it’s prepares are just perfect. It’s is elegant, warm and functional.

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Sounds of August

Sounds of August


I have been planning to put up my playlist for quite some time. Now it’s finally happening. Enjoy!

Sounds of August – Mr Regnér

  1. Coming over (feat. James Hersey), This Mixtape is fire – Dillon Francis & Kygo
  2. Simple Love (feat. J’Danna), Knockin’ Boots – Julio Bashmore
  3. Wander With Me (feat. Carmody), Beat Tape 2 – Tom Misch
  4. Pay No Mind (feat. Passion Pit – Lemaitre Remix), Pay No Mind – Madeon
  5. Started Right (Joe Goddard Disco Mix), Started Right Remixes – Hot Chip
  6. 1998 (feat. Banks), 1998 (feat. Banks) – Chet Faker
  7. Slumlord, VEGA INTL. Night School – Neon Indian
  8. Feels like summer, Shaun the Sheep Move – Tim Wheeler
  9. Pony, Polishing Peanuts – EP – Deluxe
  10. What You Wanna Do, You – Jean Tonique
  11. Midnight Walk, Sapphire – Kartell
  12. Brother (Juveniles Remix), Pursuit (Deluxe Edition) – Stuck in the Sound

Geometric patterns, navy and walking in grey


I know it’s hard and always balancing on the edge of being ultra cool or just weird. I’m talking about patterns, geometric in particular since I have a soft spot for these. Even to me it’s hard to find patterns that I really like, even though it’s a bit bold I still like it to be timeless. Not some trendy-and-perfect-at-the-moment.

Yves Saint Laurent has been quite successful in creating beautiful patterns, Marni also gets it right from time to time and now Raf Simons, a bit unexpected I must admit. On film, one will usually see these kinds of patterns on the smart bad guys.

I prefer to combine these patterns with some matching plain colors, but that is of course just my opinion.


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A genuine stay in San Salvador, Brazil


A couple of years ago I traveled in Brazil, one of the memorable visits was in San Salvador. An old city with a history, we decide to stay in the old parts of the city at an inn called Pousada do Boqueirão.

This is one of the best places I have ever stayed in, the charming Pousada overlooks the harbor of Salvador.

It somehow managed to reflect all of the positive, visual and romanticized imprints I had of Brazil. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, and a truly local presence.

The dark wooden floors, white walls decorated with handmade sculptures and colorful paintings. Maybe it´s the mix of Brazilian and African culture that makes it exotic but yet very at home feeling.

Breakfast with fresh mango, pineapple and yogurt topped with croissants and strong coffee at the veranda overlooking the early activity down the harbor made.

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Eva Hild


There is a simplicity, lightness and cleanness in her sculptures that makes me feel calm and joyful when resting my eyes on her work. The shapes are bold but yet traditional, sublim black and white coloring, soft mate surfaces all of whom are significant for her creations.

Eva Hild is an artist of a strong kaliber, since graduating from art school there has been an immediate success with her work.

The photos are borrowed from her website and are taken by; Anna Sigge, Eva Hild, Andrea Björsell, Carl Bengtsson, Ola Kjelbye, Rickard Karlsson.

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Mr Grey


Grey may not sound like the most exiting color when it comes to anything, especially not in fashion. If divided in different shades we all know it can be a lot more exiting. A little black contrast and creative detailing and it’s a different thing. I’m normally not that much for street style looks but this get’s my attention.

Styling includes: Sweater – Lanvin, Jeans – Balenciaga, Scarf – Valentino and Sneakers – Givenchy.

The Grand beauty


Italian film may have seen it’s best days but every now and then they manage to recapture a glimpse of it. You may remember movies like Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) and Il postino (The Postman). The Grand beauty (La Grande belezza) is truly in their league, main character Jep Gambardella sweeps the floors with his charismatic attitude and superb outfits. Taking it’s place in Rome with hidden palaces, roof top night clubs and decadent apartments it embraces all what a jet set gentlemen like Jep Gambardella symbolize.

Paolo Sorrentino is the director of this masterpiece, when released in 2014 it won several awards like the Oscar and Golden Globe.

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Tech turns in to gold



It happens rarely I must say. I recently purchased an Iphone 6 plus (in gold), a bit uncertain about the size before making a go.

I have been waiting for ages to see B&O release wireless on-ear headphones with H8’s specifications. The combo of these two products are phenomenal. Designs are exquisite, materials uncompromisingly perfect and functions are what you expect, impressive but yet easy to use.

So if you go for the uncompromising design, sound and image quality this will make your escapism real for sure.

Headphones – Bang & Olufsen (B&O Play)

> Smart phone – Apple (Iphone 6 plus, gold)